St.Mary’s Church

Between the end of the year 2008 and mid 2009, a group of Malankara Jacobite families came together in the common realization that a Jacobite church in the Queens, New York region was necessary and held discussions to that affect.

They decided to seek the paternal guidance of the Archbishop of the Malankara Archdiocese of North America. His Eminence (H.E.) gracefully accepted that request and advised to explore the possibilities and logistics of such a church. Nevertheless due to unforeseen circumstances, this was met with delay.

Subsequently, on Oct 16th, 2010, with H. Eminence’s approval, morning prayers, and spiritual organizations’ meetings were conducted every Saturday at 26 North Tyson Avenue, Floral Park, New York. This prayer group consisted of 20 families (63 members). To aid in the streamlined functioning of this prayer group, an Ad-hoc committee was elected and H. E. the Archbishop was informed accordingly.

This prayer group excelled in its functioning and by the grace of God was blessed in its growth. The members continued to observe all the prayers and rites handed down by the church forefathers with the exception of the Holy Qurbono. However, the lack of sacraments and not being able to part-take in the Holy Qurbono brought our plea once again to H. E. the Archbishop. Extenuating circumstances led to the delay of the approval yet again.

Understanding the need to be a part of the Malankara Archdiocese in North America, and when the circumstances aligned, His Eminence, the Archbishop blessed the church and approved it as a part of the Archdiocese on November 13, 2011 by consecrating it, offering the Holy Qurbono and appointing Rev. Fr. Dr. Varghese P. Manikat as the Vicar.

The St. Mary’s Malankara Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church is ever growing, spiritually strong and continues to shine by the grace of God and the intercession of our patron saint, St. Mary.