Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the St. Mary’s Malankara Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church is the administrative body elected by the members of the church. We have been sworn-in to serve the Church and the people with a whole heart, sincerity and unswerving fidelity and perform the duties of office according to the constitution of the church and its by-laws. As a result we plan for the activities of the church, collaborate on the various needs of the church, and obey the orders of the supreme ecclesiastical head, The Patriarch and his vicar, the Archbishop of the North American diocese.

Meet the 2016 Executive Committee Members:

President Rev. Fr. Jerry Jacob, MD
Vice-President Mr. Roy Kuriakose
Secretary Mr. Kuriakose Mundackal
Treasurer Mr. Reji Varghese
Joint-Secretary Mr. George Maracheril
Joint-Treasurer Mr. Gobby George
Committee Member Mr. John Varkey
Committee Member Mr. Eapen C. Zachariah
Committee Member Mr. Sam John
Committee Member Mr. Gejo Paul
Committee Member Mr. Lovin Kuriakose
Ex-Officio Mr. Johnson Jacob
Ex-Officio Mr. George Mathew
Previous Committees

2016 Executive Committee
2015 Executive Committee