Lenten Message from our Vicar

Darkness is the absence of light and the absence of light is suffering.  Light enables us to see and reflects that which is hidden.  At times we may shun the light to hide our inadequacies.  But to reveal that which we attempt to hide allows us to face ourselves in the mirror.  It allows us to know ourselves and to know ourselves is the beginning of repentance.  To accept our mistakes and shortcomings and present ourselves to the One who knows all leads us unto the path of penitence.  Introspection allows us to analyze our innermost thoughts and actions.  At times we are our greatest judge since only we truly know our actions and the reasons behind our mistakes.  It is for this reason that we are the most capable to rectify our pitfalls.  Although the task is daunting, no task is too great for our Saviour.  Through him we attain the strength to be able to face ourselves.

“And He shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver” Malachi 3:3.  A refiner of silver holds the metal in the hottest portion of the flame to remove its impurities.  All through the process he never removes his eyes from the metal until it reflects his own image.  When we suffer we seek refuge.  When we suffer we seek the cause of our suffering and ensue to end the pain.  But at times the pain is self created due to our own mistakes.  It is difficult to accept that our suffering is self-made.  This denial of our mistakes is keeping us from attaining the true goal of being one with Him who created us.  In this time of suffering we must strive to become akin to Him who suffered for us.  Our brothers and sisters are suffering at this moment.  They are persecuted and martyred for holding steadfast to the true faith.  And yet they found it in their hearts to ask for forgiveness for those who were inflicting pain.  If they are able to pray for those who caused them suffering, how may we be better followers of Christ by following the example they have set for us.  Through the process of reflection and analysis we realize that all our brothers and sisters undergo similar afflictions.  How may we help those who direly require assistance?  We are quick to judge but are we quick to understand? To forgive others brings us closer to the true everlasting love.

Let us not hide from the Light that shines so brightly but approach it and embrace Him.  Let us cleanse our impurities and face our greatest shortcomings.  We must strive to own our mistakes and to know ourselves.  Let us utilize this opportunity to improve our thoughts, actions, and words.  Let us be the light and love that the world needs.

With Love and Prayers,

Fr. Varghese P. Manikat